I don't know Aaron. You can do the exact opposite of what you write and be successful.

If I had to chose between a very good product or very good exposure I'll chose the first. Why?

If the product is good and customers or users of the product like it, it will grow organically.

Slow at first, which gives you time to process feedback and implement it, fast after some tipping point.

So I think the determinator of success isn't so much about how much you talk about the product, it's just that most products probably suck.

Talking about your product is not bad per se if you are helping the counterpart in achieving their goals. No?

So maybe what you mean is that if you ask questions instead of sending without listening there's a problem getting a good product in the first place...



Henri Koppen

Learning is identifying/recognizing patterns and apply them. Evolution is the only system that has produced intelligence. An idea will change the universe.